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Treatments for Children

Most children will have orthodontic treatment on the NHS. There are many types of appliances (braces) and the one suitable would be chosen after consultation. There are three main types:-

  1. Removable - simple treatment may be carried out with a removable appliance (a plate that can be taken out, for cleaning purposes). It has delicate wires and springs attached, which move the teeth by gentle pressure.
  2. Functional - it can also be possible to modify the ways jaws grow, using orthodontic appliances. A functional appliance can help certain types of problems.
  3. Fixed -often, teeth need to be guided more accurately than they can be using a removable appliance, so fixed appliances are used. It is not possible for you to take appliances out which is why it is called a fixed brace.


"I have just had my braces off and I am so happy with my teeth, they are lovely and straight, and at school i got loads of nice comments. Thank you!"

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